To understand a little bit about alpha brain waves, you should know that a brainwave is an electrical impulse sent throughout your cortex that cycles at a specific rate. The alpha brainwave cycles at a speed of eight to twelve times per second. The number of electrical cycles in our brain are expressed and defined as “hertz” or “Hz.” Therefore, we would say that the frequency range for alpha brain waves are between 8 Hertz and 12 Hertz.

Scientists have discovered that the perfect brainwave state for humans to learn in is when alpha brainwaves are active, particularly at around the 10 Hertz frequency. When our alpha brain waves are at this specific frequency, it has been found that our brain remains in a relaxed, but alert state. This means that we are able to maintain a state of calm thinking, but our brain still is highly alert and aware for learning new information.

Alpha brainwaves have been associated with a number of positive attributes such as: positive thinking, maintaining a relaxed body, and enhancing your creative abilities. Even though there are other brain wave ranges that operate at faster and slower frequencies than alpha, it seems that with alpha waves we can achieve a perfect state of mental balance and peace. Alpha brain waves are not over-stimulating enough to cause stress, yet they are not under-stimulating enough to cause drowsiness. They are a perfect brainwave frequency in between the beta range (at the faster spectrum) and the theta range (at the slower spectrum).

People have reported having creative experiences when they increase their alpha brain waves with tools like brainwave entrainment or through meditation. Most adults could greatly benefit and improve their brain functioning if they would take time to relax in the alpha brainwave state. Unfortunately, many people end up with stress-related illness from getting caught up in a fast-paced beta brainwave state and lifestyle.

Your brain can greatly benefit from taking the time to enter the alpha brainwave state. To increase your alpha brainwaves naturally, you may want to practice meditation, visualization, or take the time to do some deep-breathing exercises.

I have found that meditation allows me to access my alpha brainwaves state quickly and easily, but it has taken some practice. If you decide to start up a meditation routine to access your relaxing alpha brainwaves, then I recommend that you talk to a knowledgeable guru or teacher so that you understand how to meditate properly. With practice and a daily routine, you will likely be able to access your alpha brainwaves within two to three weeks of practice.

The great thing about brainwave entrainment technology is that it can be combined with your meditation routine to ensure a much more powerful alpha mind state. An overload of stress is not good for anybody’s brain or bodily functions. Be sure to take the time to get some alpha brainwaves in your life and your brain will benefit from the added mental power.